Global Defense Specialist

Delivering Operational Readiness

Spares and GSE
GDS has an ever expanding inventory of certified high quality spares to satisfy our customer's requirements. Our team's experience as military aviation professionals allows us to custom tailor kitting solutions for our customer's aircraft maintenance and operational requirements.  We also offer a large variety of ground support equipment for multiple platforms and end items. 
Repair Management
We have a global network of high quality, thoroughly vetted OEM, FAA and EASA repair stations. Our partner repair stations provide repairs and overhauls that meet the stringent standards of our team. As former maintainers and operators of military aircraft, we understand the importance of meeting deadlines and getting the job done right the first time. Our small footprint also provides greater value to the customer.
Supply Chain Management
Our approach to supply chain management begins with listening to our customers and understanding their needs. Once we better understand their needs we can custom tailor a program to meet their requirements. We develop programs that address our customer's unique requirements to ensure their operational readiness is maintained at the highest levels possible.
Additive Manufacturing
GDS has adopted the game-changing technology of metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) with the GE X Line 2000R and the M2 Series 5  Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM) machines.  AM enables rapid high quality manufacturing of hard to find and low production parts in many different materials.   The AM technology can help strengthen and streamline the supply chain leading to an increase in the Operation Readiness of our customers. 
Program Management
Our team members have decades of combined experience managing complex programs in various fields throughout the aviation industry. We ensure efficient and flexible program management through thoughtful planning, effective communication and ongoing quality audits throughout the life of the program.
The experience and knowledge of the GDS team and our partners allows us to offer a wide variety of valubale aviation consulting and engineering services including fleet assessments and upgrades. Please contact us for further details.

About Us

The Global Defense Specialists team is comprised of military veterans and aerospace professionals with decades of experience leading military aviation units and managing aviation sustainment activities worldwide. We share a common belief that integrity and ethical behavior are essential building blocks of successful long term relationships. This core belief, coupled with our steadfast commitment to our customers and quality operations help guarantee our customer’s success.

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What makes us unique?

Our diverse backgrounds in the avaiation industry affords us the unique advantage of being able to understand the challenges our customers must overcome to accomplish their missions. Budget challenges, increased operational tempo and parts shortages are a few of the many issues that militaries around the world. As former military leaders we have experienced these issues ourselves and formed Global Defense Specialists to help our global partners overcome these challenges.


The aviation industry is in a constant state of change. To best meet the current and future needs of our global customers we have developed a long term strategy to employ developing technologies to help our customers achieve the highest levels of operational readiness. Our goal is to embrace new technology to beome a truly disruptive competitor in the aftermarket sustainment industry.


Given our backgrounds, we are accustomed to doing more with less. Our footprint is small by design, this enables us to quickly adapt to changes in the industry and to our customer's needs. An added benefit to our low overhead is the value we pass on to the customer.


GDS was formed to deliver more than the standard level of service in the aftermarket sustainment industry. Our knowledge allows us to detect, analyze and suggest solutions to negative trends in operational readiness that others may not recognize. For GDS, our customer's mission is our mission.

Applying knowledge, dedication and resources of our team and global network of partners to provide unparalleled service to our customers.


We have resources in more than 30 countries


We currently offer support to more than 10 platforms


GDS and our partners have capabilities in more than 30 aircraft systems

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